Office Disinfection

We use electrostatic spray technology to decontaminate surfaces quickly and efficiently for small, medium and large work spaces.

Medical and dental offices, physical therapy facilities, gymnasiums, schools and churches often rely on routine disinfection to ensure the health of their clients, all year round. General office or other commercial facilities commonly request disinfection services during cold and flu season to prioritize the health of their communities and reduce the impact of absenteeism.

During this unique season of concern with spread of Coronavirus 2019 (“COVID-19”), we can help your company mitigate the risks of this virus by supplementing your general office cleaning with a one-time or temporary ongoing service plan.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

Electrostatic spray technology being used by our crew in an office space.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

Electrostatic spray technology has been used across many industries since the 1930’s — automobiles, horticulture, spray painting and commercial cleaning have all benefited from using principles of Physics to maximize coverage when spraying liquid solutions. If you’ve seen a photo or video of someone spraying down public transportation or medical facilities with a cleaning solution, there’s a good chance that image displayed this cleaning method in action.

Covers More Surface Area

The tools used in this process infuse negatively charged electrons into the solution when sprayed. A force of attraction with the electrons pulls the cleaning solution around the entire object. The disinfectant is essentially “wrapped around” objects, where traditional cleaning tools like spray bottles and towels are limited by the initial contact.

Waste Reduction

Another benefit to leveraging spray technology is the reduced waste. The high quality machines use just the right amount of cleaning solution to substantially cover the areas. Solution is applied in a more consistent and effective method, which means less waste.

Great solution for all areas

Take a look over our shoulder while we help a client maintain a healthy environment for their workplace family.

Non-toxic solution, safe for all surfaces.

Reach multiple surfaces at once.

Get the hard to reach spots.

Spray wraps around surfaces to maximize coverage.

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